By Robert Downy | June 2, 2014 - 8:51 am - Posted in Health and Fitness

Individuals who travel a lot utilize essential oils to cope with stress. Which oils are ideal for this purpose and how can they be used?

What happens when a few of these oils are mixed into a special blend? I packed one of my favorite mixes in my checked bag. In a plastic bag, I have 9 various oils like lavender, frankincense, myrrh, and Idaho balsam fir. It does not matter whether I put some oil in my hand or simply breathe it from the bottle as it still makes me calm.

Spruce and bergamot are definitely wonderful choices also. After reading the remainder of this post, you will know how you can make the most out of oils to make your vacations calming.

Some people regard their natural oils as perfumes or colognes. Other individuals feel a lot more relaxed just realizing that their favorite oil is close by. It could also be put in an oil necklace, inside the pocket, or inside a handbag.

Since security at international airports is becoming much more of an issue, individuals are finding much more methods of having their favorite relaxation aroma with them at all times. Here is a partial list of how to get it done.

1. Oil Necklace

These necklaces can be bought in various styles. I’ve got the essendulum that allows me to inhale the aroma merely by raising the top. Some individuals want a terra cotta oil necklace onto which they can place a few drops of their favorite oil. It likewise works as a diffuser.

2. Bottle

Space and weight ascertain which size bottle I bring. Normally it’s a 5 ml or a 15 ml bottle. But at times I’ll fill a 5/8 dram bottle with my favorite oil mixture and then use my label maker to label it.

3. Inhaler

You can also place drops of oil in inhalers. If you use a couple of of these inhalers, you will probably want to label the outside using a label maker.

4. Zip-Lock Bag with Cotton Balls Inside It

Some people simply put a few drops of their most desired oil on a cotton ball or cotton round, put in a zip lock bag, and bundle it in their carry-on baggage.

By using these methods, you could take your essential oils just about anywhere. I hope that this post gave you lots of fantastic info and you will also be able to think about new ways to make travelling more enjoyable.

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