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Leafy VeggiesIf there’s one food that no one — not your doctor, your nutritionist, or even your mother — will tell you to eat less of, it’s leafy greens. Calorie for calorie, chard, collards, kale, and other leafy greens may just be the most nutritious food you can eat. They’re packed with vitamins — A, B, K, and others — but also rich in essential minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium, as well as antioxidants, which protect cells against damage. Leafy greens contain phytochemicals, natural compounds that can help prevent hardening of the arteries and lower inflammation linked to heart disease. The greens’ synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals helps detox cells and expunge free radicals that damage DNA, both of which may inhibit cancer cells from forming and multiplying.
Greens are also your single best source of natural nitrates, which get converted by the body into nitric oxide, a gas that lowers blood pressure, promotes blood flow, and can even improve erections. You produce less nitric oxide as you age — levels can dip by half after age 40 — which means you need to eat even more nitrates to keep everything working properly, says University of Texas biochemist Nathan Bryan. As if that weren’t enough, greens have been shown to boost mental clarity, prevent depression, and reduce the risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s. If you’re looking to stay lean, high-fiber greens help speed digestion and make you feel full, and they’re low in carbohydrates and calories, so you can practically eat as much of them as you want. At the very least, aim to consume three to five ounces of leafy greens a day, says Bryan. Here’s how to get your fill.

1. Swiss Chard
Why You Need It: This green is a top source of two important, lesser-known antioxidants: syringic acid and kaempferol. The former can help stabilize blood sugar by inhibiting ¬enzymes that turn carbs into simple sugars, while the latter protects cells against cancer-causing toxins, lowers inflammation, and may also reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
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How to Eat It: Save calories while boosting your antioxidant intake by using Swiss chard instead of tortillas to make burritos and wraps. Cut leaves from stems, and steam leaves briefly. When cool, fill with your favorite healthy burrito staples: brown rice, quinoa, grilled shrimp or chicken, black beans, goat cheese, chopped tomatoes, sweet potatoes, or other vegetables; beans, grains, or grilled meats. Or sauté chard stems in garlic and olive oil for several minutes; add leaves, pine nuts, and currants; and cook two to three more minutes before serving.
2. Arugula
Why You Need It: Arugula has one of the highest nitrate levels of any leafy green, helping to -increase blood flow and therefore enhance performance. It’s also packed with flavonoids — antioxidants that fight heart disease and even some cancers. New research suggests it may also prevent ulcers.
How to Eat It: Arugula can be slightly bitter, so dress it in a salad with a fruity vinaigrette to counter the bite.
3. Collard Greens
Why You Need It: Of all leafy greens, collards are best at binding your stomach’s bile acids, which can help lower your cholesterol levels and even protect you from some cancers. Collards also contain a special class of phytochemicals that nourish the body’s natural detoxifying system.
How to Eat It: Boiled collards are a soul-food staple, but unless you eat the broth, you’ll miss out on many nutrients. Steaming preserves more nutrients and increases bile-acid-binding activity. Jill Nussinow, a dietitian and chef, recommends kneading sturdy greens like collards or kale with olive oil for a few minutes before cooking to increase their flavor and make them easier to chew. Or massage with tahini and braise in garlic and lemon juice.
4. Bok Choy
Why You Need It: Bok choy is one of the best sources of potassium, which helps build muscle and keep blood pressure low. It’s also packed with vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system by increasing white-blood-cell activity and the body’s response to toxins.
How to Eat It: Chop up and braise the lower, white portion of the stems in chicken or vegetable broth and sesame oil. Add leaves after two minutes, and cook another one to two minutes.
5. Kale
Why You Need It: Kale is a prime source of cancer-thwarting compounds called glucosinolates, as well as kaempferol, which researchers believe combats cancer and may also, incredibly, protect the heart, lower blood sugar, strengthen bones, and reduce inflammation in the body. Kale is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that help prevent eye disease and vision loss as you age.
How To Eat It: Briefly sauté kale in olive oil with chopped onions, and then braise in white wine or vegetable stock for five to 10 minutes.
6. Watercress
Why You Need It: A single cup of watercress will bump you over your recommended daily value of vitamin K, which can help regulate blood clotting and reduce plaque on artery walls, and may lower inflammation linked to chronic diseases like arthritis. If you could stand to eat watercress daily for two months, you would cut DNA damage to your white blood cells, reducing your risk of cancer and lowering your triglycerides (unhealthy blood fats) by 10 percent, according to studies. At the very least, eat more.
How to Eat It: Watercress adds a peppery crunch to grilled cheese and other sandwiches, and also works well in salads. Or take a tip from Julia Child and simmer a pound of potatoes, three cups of leeks, and a little butter in two quarts of water for an hour; add a cup of watercress and simmer five more minutes before pureeing in a blender until smooth. Don’t worry about losing nutrients: You’ll retain them in the base of this flavorful soup.

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Lemon WaterHow you start your day is extremely important. We all have our own ritual we do when we get up. Some of us need coffee first thing in the morning, some of us need breakfast first, and some cannot fathom putting anything into our systems. Whatever your ritual is, it is vital for setting the tone and mood to your day. We all know the saying “Waking up on the wrong side of bed”; these words hold truth for those of us that wake up feeling not so great in the morning after a particularly rough night.

In Eastern traditions like Ayurveda, they explain how the choices you make regarding your daily routine either helps in decreasing disease or helps enable it. They believe that drinking warm water with lemon is a great way to help kick start your metabolism. After a few days of trying it, I began to notice a big difference in my mood and in my food choices. Here are a few benefits you can begin to get from adding a simple cup of warm water with lemon to your daily ritual.

A Weight loss Aid: Pectin Fiber in lemons helps to fight hunger cravings. Some studies have shown that people who have an alkaline balanced diet lose weight quicker. I notice a huge difference in my appetite when I forget to drink my warm water. I feel that it keeps me feeling more energetic and satisfied with my food choices.

Helps with Digestion: Stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis is activated by warm water. Lemons and limes are very laden in vitamins and minerals so it helps move toxins out. Basically, it helps things move around quicker.

Helps Balance PH in Your Body: All metabolic processes, including immunity, depend on a delicately balanced pH, which harmonizes electromagnetic energies. The body constantly fights to maintain a blood pH at around 7.35 -7.45 much like our internal thermostat that tries to maintain a 98.6-degree body temperature. Alkaline in the Body is very important for your health. Lemons are acidic but upon entered the body they become “alkaline” that means that the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.

Lemon Water on the “Go”: If you are on the go, make your warm water with lemon the night before and put it in a thermos.

Preparation: Warm purified fluoride free water or spring water should be used. Use a whole lemon or lime squeezed into a half glass of the warm water. Try not to add any sweetener to get the maximum results. This should be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, some recommend waiting about an hour to eat breakfast.

It is never wise to skip breakfast, always begin your day with something soothing to your system. Beginning your day with a nice warm cup of water with lemon will begin to regulate your system and perhaps be just the medicine you need to add to your morning ritual

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You may have thought about whether you ought to buy moringa tea at one time or another. The thought may have been inspired by an advert you found while surfing the Net. It could have been brought on by a program you watched on TV or listened to on the radio. Or perhaps you have someone in your life, a relative or a buddy, who began substituting moringa tea for regular coffee and witnessed for yourself how good the tea was for them.

So whatever you heard or saw regarding moringa tea probably got you more interested about the topic, enough for you to do some research about it. You would do all the research so you would be able to figure out if you ought to buy moringa tea. No matter how much research you do, however, you will not be able determine if moringa tea is something you should have, not unless you taste it yourself. There is strong proof that moringa tea contains a lot of the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy, such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

How will it affect your health if you buy moringa tea and drink a cup of it at least once a day? You will feel the initial effects of moringa tea at the very instant the liquid passes through your lips. The drink will quickly drive away the fatigue from your body and clear your mind. By taking in a drink of moringa tea, you would feel as if you have just had a drink of coffee. Except with moringa tea, you would not have to worry about the caffeine crash later on.

Moringa tea does more than keep you awake and mentally clear, though. Studies claim that the substances in moringa tea work on the body’s individual cells. This alone should justify why you ought to buy moringa tea. Moringa leaves are a vegetarian’s dream. By drinking moringa tea, they would not have to eat meat to get their recommended daily allowance of protein. Moringa is one of those rare plants that are actually rich in protein. Moringa contains all the eight essential amino acids that cells have to have in order to perform the roles they play for the body. We should always bear in mind that we can only consider our bodies to be in good shape if it is in good shape at cellular level.

You should also buy moringa tea as a way of protecting your heart from disease. According to medical research, heart attacks and strokes can also be brought on by inflammation of the heart, not just increased cholesterol. You can avoid these heart diseases by taking advantage of the antioxidants found in moringa.

You need to buy moringa tea if you are overweight. Moringa tea is said to be good for weight loss, at least according to some health research. When you gain a lot of weight, it is a sign that your body is not as well-nourished as it should be. Not everyone knows that. Your body has an in-born mechanism for losing weight naturally. It can only be stimulated, though, if the body is properly nourished. Each leaf of the moringa tree has high amounts of nutritious substances. A cup or so of moringa tea can supplement your body’s nutrition requirements without any difficulty.

With all these healthy goodness you can receive from moringa tea, you should not have any qualms anymore about whether or not you should buy moringa tea. It is entirely possible for you to find moringa tea on the Internet. Another place you can have a look at for moringa tea is your neighborhood health store. Asian food stores are also a good bet for getting moringa tea. Asian countries such as the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia have moringa as part of their native cuisine. It would not be hard for you to obtain moringa from a store that stocks goods from Asia.

Moringa tea is simply good for you. It will definitely boost your health if you drink moringa tea. The answer to your question as to whether or not to buy moringa tea is obvious – it is a yes.

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coffeeAre you looking for Javita coffee reviews? Well, we love it! Coffee, because of its acidity, is something proven to cause weight-gain. But Javita, by adding herba matte and garcinia cambogia, has transformed coffee into a vehicle for weight-loss to the tune of 1 to 2 pounds a week! All you have to do is switch from your current brand.

Here are the top 3 reasons we like Javita:

1) It’s the ultimate weight loss coffee. One of the prime reasons we recommend Javita Coffee is that it truly works wonders for people looking to shed some weight, plus it’s convenient. We recognize the fact that everyone’s busy schedule does not allow for hours at the gym or in the kitchen. Therefore, we recommend an easy weight loss solution; Javita’s Weight Loss Coffee. It’s not only easy, it’s truly AMAZING. The unique combination of herbs in Javita not only helps you shed the extra weight, they help you fight heart diseases, diabetes, and make you more energetic and much more!

Javita Coffee Reviews: Javita Weight Loss Coffee uses a unique blend of herbs that does not only cater to your everyday caffeine boost but kick starts your metabolism and comes with numerous health benefits and tantalizes your taste buds with its superior quality. Javita’s burn+control formula contains medicinal herbs that help lose weight, while also providing numerous other benefits. The two main herbs in Javita’s Weight Loss Coffee are Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate.

2) Garcinia Cambogia is one of of the herbal component of Javita’s weight loss coffee. The herb has been around for centuries and has been documented as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Recent research has shown its role in helping weight loss. The herb reduces appetite and decreases fat storage, leading to weight loss.

Recent research at the famous Georgetown University revealed that Garcinia Cambogia led to weight reduction in the participants of the research. It also decreased the Body Mass Index by 5.4%. The study revealed that the herb increased levels of a hormone called Leptin, which is not only responsible for controlling appetite but for boosting energy levels and metabolism. To top all these findings, researchers found that the herb took very little time to begin working, in fact the results were obtained in less than two months!

3) We love yerba matte. The second herb found in Javita Weight Loss Coffee is Yerba mate, indigenous to subtropical South America; the herb has been consumed by the natives for centuries. The herb contains polyphenols, which is beneficial for the immune system. Research shows that consumption of Yerba has numerous positive effects on the human body, such as; it is cardio protective, helps reduce the risk of diabetes, has antioxidant properties and increases focus, mental agility and boosts energy levels. It also boosts fat metabolism while decreasing appetite, thereby inducing weight loss. A single-blind controlled trial of 102 volunteers found that after 40 days of drinking of mate tea, a Yerba containing beverage, people with already-healthy cholesterol levels experienced an 8.7% reduction in LDL, which is known as the ‘bad cholesterol’, and hyperlipidemic individuals experienced an 8.6% reduction in LDL and a 4.4% increase in HDL, which is known as the ‘good cholesterol’.

Javita Coffee Reviews Conclusion: Why you should be drinking Javita Weight Loss Coffee

In conclusion of this Javita Coffee Review, we can say that this coffee has some truly wonderful things to offer to its consumers. Javita Coffee not only reduces weight by increasing leptin levels, kick-starts metabolism and decreases appetite, but it has numerous other health benefits. It is great for your heart and amazing for your immune system.

In conclusion, Javita’s burn+control formula has tremendous benefits with minimal efforts. Javita has brought a revolutionary idea to coffee-drinkers all over the country. Now, thanks to Javita Weight Loss Coffee weight watchers can lose pounds while sipping away at their coffee. They also make a green tea!

Stay Healthy!

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Photos & pictures of the Brazilian acai berries the super fruit anti oxident from the Amazon. Acai berries has been associated with helping weight loss. Stockfotos & fotosThe way Acai berries can be ingested are varied. There are capsule supplements, breakfast cereals, and energy drinks all containing Acai berries

The acai berries also provide substantial amounts of ascorbic acid and vitamin e antioxidant which help cleanse the body with anti-oxidants thus increasing total body metabolic rates. The acai berries also provide much more monounsaturated oleic acid solution compared to almost every other food source. It’s extremely powerful in anti-oxidants, proteins, essential trans acids, fibres not only that natural vitamins.

One factor hindering faster research, is the fact that the berry is highly perishable. This means that the berries must be processed immediately upon harvesting in order to preserve many of its nutritional compounds.

It also means that much of the research work may need to be carried out on location, that is, closer to where the berries are harvested. A balanced and sensible nutritional approach is preferred here.

Acai berry weight loss formula includes effective anti-oxidants along with important staple fibers to assist in flushing out built-up waste materials and harmful toxins inside your gastrointestinal system. This method increases your body’s metabolic process and enhance your digestion so that it works more effectively, leading to even more reduced weight.

It may appear to be an insignificant bit of investigation, but I suppose it is possible to suppose that a body will certainly take in the anti-oxidants within the berry. Therefore it seems to be a really logical place to begin researching. I wish to look at several quick advantages of this particular anti-oxidant foodstuff then reveal the sole negative I’ve been able to discover. There’s scientific research behind this short article and I also do quote the actual resources so that you can confirm the things I say.

Photos & pictures of the Brazilian acai berries the super fruit anti oxident from the Amazon. Acai berries has been associated with helping weight loss. Stockfotos & fotosThis particular anti-oxidant, aminoacids, vitamin and mineral nutritional rich super berry is an item you ought to read more about. You obtain the blended anti-oxidant strength of the Acai Berries with the health-promoting advantages of Green Tea along with other nutritional requirements in a single time saving, simple to take capsule.

Anti-oxidants do obviously! What makes the Acai berry so unique may be the higher quantities of herbal antioxidants it has. You will additionally find Omega essential fatty acids, proteins, dietary fiber, and iron amongst it’s dietary value, together with a great many other minerals and vitamins.

There are a great number of foods on the market, and acai berry could just be part of a well-balanced diet. This article proposes that lasting weight-loss is only effected with a balanced synergistic approach. An approach that incorporates both good nutrition and targeted physical exercise.

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Green TeaTea contains caffeine which, when taken in the proper quantity, simulates every organ in the body. It has a particularly strong effect on the central nervous system, heart and liver. This reaction is even more pronounced when one is sleepy or tired. A cup of tea or coffee will help clear a dull mind after rising in the morning or after a prolonged period without sleep. The power to stimulate and awaken the mind comes from caffeine. It is also said that the amount of caffeine contained in normal servings of green tea can stimulate the skeletal muscles and facilitate muscular contraction. For this reason, it is quite helpful to drink tea or coffee in the middle of work to refresh the mind and restore the body. We find it noteworthy that there is some scientific support for such old customs as the afternoon snack, coffee break or tea time ritual.
The caffeine in green tea is mostly extracted in the first infusion of the leaves, but the quantities in subsequent infusions will still be greater than coffee. And since green tea caffeine combines with catechin in the brewing water, its action is said to be rather milder than other caffeine-containing beverages. Even so, some people are sensitive to caffeine and cannot sleep if they drink green tea before going to bed. It is safer for such individuals to drink a weak green tea after dinner.
Why not treat yourself to a zestful day by enjoying the positive effects of mild caffeine with the sweet aroma of green tea?

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Now days, people are getting more knowledgeable about their health. Many people are searching for measures and guidelines that get them in shape and fitness. Through following diet to exercise, people are indulged in numerous tips to remain in excellent physical shape. People follow certain diet to get the things they want. Apart from diet there are numerous natural drinks that work in an useful way on your well being. The beverage is nothing but the green tea.

There are countless benefits of consuming green tea, thanks to its anti-oxidants which deal with your hypertension and cholesterol level. Another benefit of having green tea is its believed approaches on fat burning and maintaining the skin, hair and eyes well. It is required by those people who are plump and fed up of harmful weight in their body shape. This herbal beverage is preferable to brown tea or tea bags.

If you find yourself on the weight loss program then you may regularly drink green tea since it is specifically appropriate for weight loss. Really, health benefits of green tea are boosting resistance to certain diseases and contamination. It actually is the best beverage anywhere.

The latest studies have described that green tea lowers the potential for getting cancer while it avoids the expansion of cancer cells and also protects heart. A research on benefits of green tea has indicated that it stops the bad cholesterol level and raises the good cholesterol level to increase the performance of arteries. It minimizes the chance of stroke and belly fat. Chinese drink this green tea after each meal and early in the day because its efficient deoxidizing substances that attacks the bad cells and toxins in our body.

It is actually thought that this green tea detox the organs from unhealthy imbalances. It is a kind of support for the digestive system in entire body. The health benefits of consuming green tea have confirmed that it is used from ancient times to heal depressions and headaches. So, primarily it is recommended to get green tea with early meal and other meals of the day.

Is green tea good for you?

This topic is widespread in any one’s mind because they have not heard of the natural benefits of green tea and in how it is helpful for a person. Green tea is useful in a long run. It’s not simply a hot and energizing beverage however among those drink that comes with most advantages and countless benefits. Most people all over the world start their time by having green tea. It safeguards your liver and keeps its functioning approach in a great level. It cleans the harmful toxins inside your body and improves your disease fighting capability. Below are the green tea health and fitness benefits:

* It is excellent coverage to cancers of pancreas, stomach, breast, lungs, colon and small intestine.

* It fights with the heart effecting disease problems by monitoring and keeping the arteries and cholesterol level balanced in entire body.

* Green tea wellness benefits fights with the cavities that decompose tooth and restricts the harmful microorganisms that sustain cavities and plague in your teeth.

* It increases useful absorption in detoxification program.

* It makes you smarter within a short time.

* It decreases the danger of diabetes.

* The process avoids the trigger of meal poisoning.

* It increases your mental focus and rejuvenates as well as heals the tissues in the body.

* It improves psychological well being of a person and other irritants.

* You will feel strengthened internally and lot of enhancement in your mood.

Green tea for beauty and health:

In addition to well being of a person, benefits of drinking green tea are also seen on skin and beauty. It fights with the effects of aging and makes your skin glow than before. It’s a wonderful blemish healer and prevents skin infections. The health benefits of green tea have made women all around the world to follow it in their diet and as a substitute for coffee. Dried green tea is used for other facial purpose and in skin products.


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detoxThe body is exposed to toxic chemicals every day through food, drink, skin care products, the environment, and household chemicals. Reducing your toxic load is a great step towards your wellness.

Detoxing gives your body a break from the toxic excess that modern life creates; it cleanses your body and makes you feel as if you’re bursting with energy and full of vitality (although maybe not so much in the early stages of your detox, especially if you live a rather toxic life). Detoxing isn’t about deprivation or starving yourself. That will do nothing more than leave you feeling lethargic, cranky, and irritable. In fact, during a detox you need to focus on your body’s nutritional needs by feeding it more vitamins and minerals than usual.

Let’s look at eight simple things you can implement into your lifestyle to assist your body to cleanse every day:

1. Have a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon.

Squeeze it first thing in the morning, and your digestion will thank you.

2. Drink plenty of filtered water.

Keep a bottle in your car, on your desk and in your bag, and regularly sip it throughout the day. Aim to drink at least eight glasses every day (approximately two liters), more if you’re active and sweating.

3. Grab yourself a dry body brush.

This practice is great for stimulating the lymph nodes and circulation, and for supporting the elimination of toxins. Use it morning or night before you shower. You can brush anywhere from 2-10, minutes depending how much time you have. Begin at the ankles and work upwards towards the major lymph nodes, such as the groin, armpits and base of neck. Avoid using on breasts, genitalia area, sensitive skin, varicose veins, open wounds or inflamed skin. After you’ve finished brushing, jump in the shower to wash away the dead skin cells and impurities.

4. Hot and cold showers invigorate the skin and stimulate circulation.

When the body is subjected to cold external temperatures, the flow of circulation is directed inward toward the internal organs. As the outside temperature gets hot, the flow of circulation draws the blood outwards towards the surface This has the effect of unblocking stuck flows, increasing the rate of detoxification. Start with the shower comfortably hot for about 10 seconds, then turn to cold, and back to hot again. Repeat as many times as you wish.

5. Practice deep breathing.

Deep breathing activates our Parasympathetic Nervous System, which helps clear our mind, burn fat, speed up our metabolism, and remove toxins from our body. Try this: Take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose, hold for two seconds, then breathe out through your nose or mouth, like you’re attempting to fog up a mirror (no huffing, puffing or blowing). As you go throughout your day, be mindful of your breathing.

6. Eat clean, whole foods that are close to nature as often possible.

Fill your plate with the colors of the rainbow: beautiful seasonal fruits and vegetables.

7. Have a look at what’s in your skin care and home cleaning products.

Your skin is your largest organ; what you expose this important gateway to needs to be clean. The products you apply absorb into the skin and enter your bloodstream. The next time you purchase something, read the packaging; if you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients or you don’t recognize them, try to steer clear.

8. Soak in a detox bath for 20-30 minutes.

Add a handful of freshly grated or chopped ginger to your bath, then fill it up with hot water. The ginger will make you sweat, and sweating is a potent way to get rid of toxins. An apple cider vinegar or baking soda bath will provide similar results (1 cup of each). I occasionally combine two or three of these together to really draw out the toxins. Ensure you drink plenty of water during and after your bath, and be aware that you may feel lightheaded when you get out, so take it easy. Do these simple things on a consistent basis and your health and well-being will soar.